Finishing Commissions


We are helping playwrights and theaters advance to production plays that have been commissioned but not yet staged.

Finishing Commissions

Our Finishing Commissions program funds theaters that offer writers finishing commissions for venturous plays, along with support for workshops or other production-oriented play development processes. This program specifically targets unproduced plays that have already been commissioned, either by the commissioning theater or by another theater. 

Recent finishing commissions grants include:

  • Mix-Mix by Boni B. Alvarez
    Playwrights’ Arena, Los Angeles, CA
  • Killing Fidel by Hannah Benitez
    Miami New Drama, Miami Beach, FL
  • Grief Hotel by Liza Birkenmeier
    Clubbed Thumb, New York, NY
  • minor.ity by Francisca Da Silveira
    Colt Coeur, New York, NY
  • The Beastiary by Christopher Ford & Dakota Rose
    Ars Nova, New York, NY
  • Red Hook History Project (working title) created by Sarah Gancher (writer) and Jared Mezzochi (director).
    Vineyard Theatre and En Garde Arts, New York, NY
  • Edi Ya & Diamond’s Grove by a.k. payne
    City Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Moderate by Ken Urban
    Central Square Theater, Cambridge, MA
VTF grants are made through Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation, a donor-advised fund. All grants are prospective until approved by the staff/board of the Tides Foundation. These guidelines are for informational purposes only, and contain no commitment, implied or otherwise, to make any particular grants. VTF reserves the right to change its funding philosophy and/or granting practice at any time without prior notification.
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